House42 is a graphic and Web designer duo based in Roma, Italy. Their education was scientific, involving architecture and engineering; indeed geometry, grids and patterns are still the key points of their designs. Their interests range over many fields, including photography, contemporary architecture, design and typography.
Emilio Ignozza has been working in a software company as product specialist, interface designer and Web manager. Luigi Altomare has been working as a designer in many fields including brand identity, Web design and interior design.
They are available for commissions and collaborations. Please contact them at info@house42.com.

Starting from January 2012, Em and Gi will join the studio the WORLD of DOT.

Sushi 13

Sushi 13 magazine, a publication for young creativity from Art Directors Club Germany (ADC), contacted us for a contribution on the topic search and found.

As they had decided to publish a sequence of various labyrinths, each one done by diffenrent designers, illustrators, typographers and artists, we used the Dioptical typeface to build a labyrinth spelling the text “This is not an exit”.