Nantes Courthouse – Nantes


Nantes Courthouse - Nantes

On a cloudy day the wide and regular block of the Nantes Palais de Justice looks gloomy and intimidating.

Pling Pling – Installation


Pling Pling - Installation

Entering each of these brightly colored room, and passing from one to the other, was a real visual experience.

Green Ice – Desktop Wallpaper


Green Ice - Desktop Wallpaper

The December desktop wallpaper is a picture of the perforated wall panels by Olafur Eliasson that cover the roof supports in the hall of the Oslo Opera House.

Dentsu Tower – Tokyo


Dentsu Tower - Tokyo

Arriving from Ginza to the Shimbashi area, the appearance of the Dentsu Tower is a fresh relief when considering the other surrounding towers.

One – Container


One - Container

When looking for containers to match the Alphamuro shelving system, we opted for these transparent PMMA wall-mounted units.