Borneo Sling – Amsterdam


Borneo Sling - Amsterdam

Two cantilevered glass boxes define the terminal of one of the housing block on the Borneo island.

Chott El Jerid – Tunisia


Chott El Jerid - Tunisia

We toured Tunisia and cross the Chott El Jerid with a Renault Kangoo, that failed to bring us back to Tunis in time to catch the plane.

Aperitivo AW08 – Digital Invitation


Aperitivo AW08 - Digital Flyer

The invitation for the aperitivo held at SUPER for the opening of the Autumn/Winter shopping season features Bee Legacy dingbats and Candelabra letters.

Hotel Silken Diagonal Roof Deck – Barcelona


Hotel Silken Diagonal Roof Deck - Barcelona

Having enjoyed previously a Silken hotel, when we visited Barcelona we opted for the Diagonal.

Lev Office Building – Ljubljana


Lev Office Building - Ljubljana

The exterior of this office building changes color according to the different points of view as the corrugated metal sheets that are placed behind a glass curtain wall are painted blue on one side…