Townhouse – Berlin


Townhouse - Berlin

This building facade, with a clever composition of differently sized windows and an uniform skin of green tiles, has an unexpected element at eye level.

Oceanic – Ballpoint Pen


Oceanic  - Ballpoint Pen

One of the first present Em gave to Gi, when the Tombow Design Collection was full of hits.

Photovoltaic Plant – Barcelona


Photovoltaic Plant - Barcelona

Unexpicably deserted, the most metaphysical public space in Barcelona was an amazing surprise.

Wii Classic Controller – Joypad


Wii Classic Controller - Joypad

There was no real need to have this controller, except for playing the Wii Virtual Console version of Super Mario 64.

M.A.X. Museum + Studio Officina – Chiasso


M.A.X. Museum + Studio Officina - Chiasso

Finding the snow in Chiasso was a welcome surprise during a short trip abroad we had while spending Christmas holidays in Milan.