Vitra Center – Birsfelden


Vitra Center - Birsfelden

The paving of the small square in front of the entrance of the Vitra Center clearly states the building name and entrance.

Fliqlo – Screen Saver


Fliqlo - Screen Saver

Since longtime this elegant, minimal screen-saver is installed on our laptop at home, and our desktops at work.

Pfaffenholz Sports Complex – St. Louis


Pfaffenholz Sports Complex - St. Louis

Visited on a rainy day, it was quite hard to find while crossing the Switzerland-France border in Basel.

Pier – Getxo


Pier - Getxo

This pier reminded us of a Requiem for a Dream scene, and we could not resist taking some shots.

Proclama – FontStruct Font


Proclama - FontStruct font

A counter-italic constructivist font for creating propaganda banner with geometric fringes and swirls.