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Chott El Jerid – Tunisia


Chott El Jerid - Tunisia

We toured Tunisia and cross the Chott El Jerid with a Renault Kangoo, that failed to bring us back to Tunis in time to catch the plane.

Mono Chrono Pneumatic White – Sculpture


Mono Chrono Pneumatic White - Sculpture

A giant white flip-clock was at the entrance of one of the wing of the Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, in Berlin.

Pictograms at St. Jakob-Park – Basel


St. Jakob - Park

The entry totem of the St. Jakob-Park, clustered with shopping-related information, had an interesting detail near the sidewalk steps.

Cartoon Wallpaper – Annecy


Cartoon Wallpaper

You would have never imagined to use the words minimal,
cartoon and wallpaper in one sentence.

Pedestrian Crossing – Rotterdam


Pedestrian Crossing

This guerrilla sticker seen on a traffic light pole at a pedestrian crossing made us think that the revenge-of-the-machine day is closer.