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KW Entrance – Berlin


KW Entrance - Berlin

The Kunst-Werke entrance is located in the institute courtyard, that also hosts the glossy cubes of the Café Bravo designed by Dan Graham with Nalbach + Nalbach.

Vitra Center – Birsfelden


Vitra Center - Birsfelden

The paving of the small square in front of the entrance of the Vitra Center clearly states the building name and entrance.

Pier – Getxo


Pier - Getxo

This pier reminded us of a Requiem for a Dream scene, and we could not resist taking some shots.

Townhouse – Berlin


Townhouse - Berlin

This building facade, with a clever composition of differently sized windows and an uniform skin of green tiles, has an unexpected element at eye level.

Santa Claus – Sculpture


Santa Claus - Sculpture

This Santa Claus looks like a very appropriate symbol for Christmas celebrations.