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Stowe – LEGO Painting


Stowe - LEGO Painting

Strolling through Venice during the latest Biennale we came upon the gallery hosting the Slovenian Pavilion where a painting made with LEGO bricks was on display.

From Here To Ear – Installation


During the Estuaire event in Nantes the market hall in Place du Bouffray was turned into an aviary containing forty birds and five electric guitars.

Blue Tubes – Desktop Wallpaper


 Blue Tubes - Desktop Wallpaper

Starting from this January, a desktop wallpaper featuring one of our pictures will be downloadable each month from our blog.

Le Refuge – Installation


We had the chance to be in Nantes during the Estuaire 2009 event, and after a long bicycle ride to the tip of the Île de Nantes this is what we found in the hall of the Hôtel de Région.

Occupation à 6 – Installation


Occupation à 6 - Installation

During Em’s trip to Berlin with Ric, the cellar of Hugo Boss Orange Store in Mitte still hosted this installation from French artist Agathe de Bailliencourt.