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MACRO Museum New Entrance Hall – Roma


MACRO Museum New Entrance Hall - Roma

In what seems to be a new trend, the entrance hall of the MACRO museum in Roma was opened to visitors before the official opening planned for the next Fall.

MAXXI Museum – Roma


MAXXI Museum - Roma

The day of the official opening of the MAXXI Museum in Roma, here is a roundup of our posts about the museum.

Life – Fluid, Invisible, Inaudible… – Installation


Life - Fluid, Invisible, Inaudible... - Installation

The combination of darkness, projections, sounds, water and smoke, was enough to made this installation look like a science-fiction movie set.

Palazzo dell’ENI – Roma


Palazzo dell'ENI - Roma

Every time we return home from the seaside during the Summer weekends, we are amazed by the way the sunset light plays with this international style facade and the water below.

MAXXI Museum Auditorium – Roma


MAXXI Museum Auditorium - Roma

The MAXXI Museum auditorium, wedged between galleries on the ground floor, is the only static and regular space in the museum.