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Elsässertor II Commercial Building – Basel


Elsässertor II Commercial Building - Basel

We did not expect to see another Herzog & De Meuron building in Basel, as it was not listed in our guide being still under construction in August 2005.

La Ola – Sculpture


La Ola - Sculpture

This irregular black diamond-shaped sculpture in la Plaça dels Angels clashed interestingly with the white geometric facade of the wonderful Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art.

Célestins Square and Parking – Lyon


Célestins Square and Parking- Lyon

An inverted periscope is part of this wonderful square renewal in Lyon.

Park Kolonnaden – Berlin


Park Kolonnaden - Berlin

Even if this complex featuring offices, retailing spaces and apartments is quite bland, the empty space between contiguous buildings is metaphysical enough to result inspiring.

Mortuary and Cemetery – Munich


Mortuary and Cemetery - Munich

Actually located in a Munich suburb, this mortuary looks lost amid country-like silence and solitude, in complete coherence with its function.