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Monolito – Roma


Monolito - Roma

The Foro Italico has always been one of our favourite public spaces in Roma, despite the very bad conditions of many of its buildings.

Baumschulenweg Crematorium – Berlin


Baumschulenweg Crematorium - Berlin

Lost in a wood in south-east Berlin suburbs, the crematorium is impressive and inspiring, especially seen empty from the outside under a threatening cloudy sky.

MAXXI Museum Construction Site – Roma


These images were taken at the construction site of the MAXXI Museum, the National Museum of the XXI Century Arts, designed by Zaha Hadid.

Lairesse Pharmacy – Amsterdam


Lairesse Pharmacy - Amsterdam

What we liked most of this pharmacy was the periodic table decoration used for the outside windows and for the entrance.

The Whale Housing Complex – Amsterdam


The Whale Housing Complex - Amsterdam

Far more complex and articulated than its clear and basic overall form may suggest, for sure the Whale is the landmark of the Eastern Docklands.