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Canary Wharf Tube Station – London


Canary Wharf Tube Station - London

Nominated by Wallpaper* as best super short haul among the 25 best travel destinations of 2000, this station is really worthy a visit.

Bed Supperclub – Bangkok


Bed Supperclub - Bangkok

Having heard about the Supperclub experience in early 00s, we decided to try the Bangkok ripoff.

Oui! – Wedding Rings


Oui! - Wedding Rings

At the Swiss Expo.02 arteplage of Yverdon-les-Bains it was possible for any couple of people to get married for one day at the Oui! Pavilion.

Ramada Plaza Lifts – Basel


Ramada Plaza Lifts - Basel

The lifts of the Ramada Plaza located in the Basel Trade Tower have simple lobbies and interiors, yet very powerful because of the minimal chromatic palette and signage.

Vitra Center – Birsfelden


Vitra Center - Birsfelden

The paving of the small square in front of the entrance of the Vitra Center clearly states the building name and entrance.