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Sphere – Sculpture


During our first trip to Munich in August 2005 we had no chance to take pictures of this sculpture hanging in one of the five courtyards of the Fünf Höfe complex by Herzog & De Meuron.

Hotel Puerta América Floor I – Madrid


When we checked in at Hotel Puerta América, the hall of our room floor was enchanting, being sinuous in its form and calm in its whiteness.

Opera House – Oslo


On a sunny Saturday, trying to take pictures of the opera house without framing people was a thankless job.

Opera House – Oslo


The first night in Oslo we headed for the Opera House as we had tickets for Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca.

Borneo-Sporenburg Eastern Bridge – Amsterdam


The red steel bridges connecting the two Borneo-Sporenburg peninsulas, especially the eastern one, were essential when we visited the area in a really hot Summer day.