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Dr. Skud – Fly-swatter


One of the first design object we bought.

Gira – Door Handle


Gira - Door Handle

This handle, whose geometric shape is rounded only in the right edges to improve ergonomics, marks out the inner side of our entrance door.

Skineskin – Moleskine Covers


Skineskin - Moleskine Covers

When Studio Lago asked us to produce artworks for their Skineskin laser-engraved leather covers for Moleskine notebooks, we had no idea the final product would have come out so good.

Two-Tone Coir Mat – Doormat


Two-Tone Coir Mat - Doormat

Seen at the entrance of our friends’ graphic design agency the World of Dot in Milan, we liked this doormat enough to head for shopping during the Salone week.

Water Bottle


Water Bottle

Our local Muji store made us wait a little before having this water bottle we first saw at Iain Claridge’s blog.