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Amnesiac – CD Package


Amnesiac - CD Package

An unplanned purchase, due specifically to the Pyramid Song track heard for the first time at the store itself, the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

New Trade Fair – Milan


New Trade Fair - Milan

The new Milan trade fair just opened the gates when we visited the Salone in 2006.

Sticky & Sweet Tour – Concert


Sticky & Sweet Tour - Concert

Even if we are not die-hard fans of Madonna, we could not miss for the second time in a row her live concert in Rome.

Serial Killer Wear – Shirt


Serial Killer Wear

When Dexter premiered on TV in Italy last Winter, we discovered something new about our wardrobe.

Opera per l’Ara Pacis – Exhibition


What was visible from outside was only a dark vertical bronze ring at the back of the altar. But there was more beneath.