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Aperitivo AW08 – Digital Invitation


Aperitivo AW08 - Digital Flyer

The invitation for the aperitivo held at SUPER for the opening of the Autumn/Winter shopping season features Bee Legacy dingbats and Candelabra letters.

Candelabra – FontStruct Font


Candelabra - FontStruct Font

A 3D isometric boxed set that looks like a blackletter font.

Amnesiac – CD Package


Amnesiac - CD Package

An unplanned purchase, due specifically to the Pyramid Song track heard for the first time at the store itself, the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Legorama – FontStruct Font


Legorama Everywhere - Fontstruct Font

Inspired by the most famous construction set in the world, Em used FontStruct bricks to build font sets made of LEGO bricks.

Les Bains – FontStruct Font


Les Bains - FontStruct Font

Based on the lettering used for the signs in Les Bains des Docks, by Jean Nouvel, one of the architect we like most.