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Bromance – FontStruct Font


Bromance - FontStruct Font

A sturdy, yet smooth, connected script font with swashes, created with FontStruct 2.0.

Oliva – FontStruct Font


Oliva - FontStruct Font

A very small grid size, and a large diversity of bricks, for a serif font reminding Italian food labels from the 50s and 60s.

Onyx Cultural Center – Saint Herblain


Onyx Cultural Center - Saint Herblain

When we first saw pictures of the Onyx center in architectural magazines in the late 80s, the building looked so weird as it stood amidst what seemed a huge, empty parking lot outside the city.

The World of Dot – Web Site


The World of Dot - Web Site

When our friends Francesca and Iacopo proposed us to design the Web site for DOT–their graphic design studio specialized in editorial and book design, illustration and typography–we decided for a low-key approach to put in evidence their works instead of the site itself.

Chauncey – FontStruct Font


Chauncey - FontStruct Font

Chauncey: a simple-minded font, grown up in the backyard of a lovely little mansion.