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Anywhere Else – Lamp


This minimal lamp prototype fitting the sharp corner of an exhibition space in Ventura Lambrate could have been hard to notice.

The Mask of Superman – Desktop Wallpaper


The Mask of Superman - Desktop Wallpaper

The November desktop wallpaper is a picture of a bedside lamp at the Mama Shelter hotel.

Unité d’Habitation Duplex Apartment – Firminy


Unité d'Habitation Duplex Apartment - Firminy

Visiting the interior of the unité d’habitation in Firminy, including one of the duplex apartment, was a really intimate experience, as there were only the two of us and the guide.

Our – Chair


Our - Chair

Visiting the new area of Ventura Lambrate during the Salone 2010, we noticed this purple cocoon chair meant for two.

Ear Chair – Armchair


Ear Chair - Armchair

These two facing armchairs had such protruded side ears, that it was not possible to frame them properly in pictures.

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