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Dr. Skud – Fly-swatter


One of the first design object we bought.

Gira – Door Handle


Gira - Door Handle

This handle, whose geometric shape is rounded only in the right edges to improve ergonomics, marks out the inner side of our entrance door.

Skineskin – Moleskine Covers


Skineskin - Moleskine Covers

When Studio Lago asked us to produce artworks for their Skineskin laser-engraved leather covers for Moleskine notebooks, we had no idea the final product would have come out so good.

Ear Chair – Armchair


Ear Chair - Armchair

These two facing armchairs had such protruded side ears, that it was not possible to frame them properly in pictures.

Two-Tone Coir Mat – Doormat


Two-Tone Coir Mat - Doormat

Seen at the entrance of our friends’ graphic design agency the World of Dot in Milan, we liked this doormat enough to head for shopping during the Salone week.