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The Mask of Superman – Desktop Wallpaper


The Mask of Superman - Desktop Wallpaper

The November desktop wallpaper is a picture of a bedside lamp at the Mama Shelter hotel.

Unité d’Habitation Nursery School – Firminy


Unité d'Habitation Nursery School - Firminy

The nursery–and primary school–of the unité d’habitation in Firminy, and the dedicated toit terrasse, are closed since 1998 because of modern safety regulations.

Unité d’Habitation Duplex Apartment – Firminy


Unité d'Habitation Duplex Apartment - Firminy

Visiting the interior of the unité d’habitation in Firminy, including one of the duplex apartment, was a really intimate experience, as there were only the two of us and the guide.

Alphamuro – Shelving System


Alphamuro - Shelving System

We looked for months for a wall-mounted bookshelf, and when we saw this model on the Alias catalogue where the shelf supports served also as bookends, we thought we found the one.

Stellar – Installation


Stellar - Installation

This globe encrusted with cristals was the most interesting installation at the Swarovski Cristal Palace during the Fuori Salone 2010.