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Sphere – Sculpture


During our first trip to Munich in August 2005 we had no chance to take pictures of this sculpture hanging in one of the five courtyards of the Fünf Höfe complex by Herzog & De Meuron.

Leviathan – Installation


The actual size of the Leviathan installation was clear only when entering the main exhibition hall of the Grand Palais.

Leviathan – Installation


Our appreciation for the work of Anish Kapoor and the press release about the Monumenta exihibition at the Grand Palais were enough to make us plan a weekend in Paris on the fly.

Drawingmachine – Installation


We were hypnotized for a while by the swinging movement of the two pendulums drawing on a roll of paper.

Ginga – Installation


Artificial droplets falling onto an artificial pond, yet capable of recreating the magic of nature.