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MAXXI Museum Galleries – Roma


MAXXI Museum Galleries - Roma

Now that the MAXXI museum is still empty, it is hard to tell the difference between distribution and exhibition spaces…

MAXXI Museum Exterior – Roma


MAXXI Museum Exterior - Roma

The topmost gallery overlooking the new public piazza is for sure the mark of the MAXXI museum.

MAXXI Museum Entrance Hall – Roma


MAXXI Museum Entrance Hall - Roma

Eventually the MAXXI museum opened to the public for a limited period, still empty as the official opening will be next Spring.

Hangar 14 – Bordeaux


Hangar 14 - Bordeaux

This translucent polycarbonate box that serves as entrance hall is one of the main elements of this conversion of a warehouse into a public events venue.

Sainte-Marie Church – Sarlat-la-Canéda


Sainte-Marie Church - Sarlat-la-Canéda

This conversion of a deconsacrated church into a market hall and cultural centre is not what you would expect, unless the project was conceived by Jean Nouvel.