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VM Houses – Copenhagen


VM Houses - Copenhagen

Seeing the V building facade of the VM Houses after so much hype was a small disappointment.

Monolith – Expo.02 Morat


Monolith Interiors - Expo.02 Morat

The Monolith interior was quite unexpected, with its tectonic structure that included escalators and three main levels.

Monolith – Expo.02 Morat


Monolith - Expo.02 Morat

This rusted steel cube lying in the lake of Morat was one of the symbols of the Swiss Expo 02.

Tokyo International Forum – Tokyo


Tokyo International Forum - Tokyo

Since being featured on the cover of Architectural Review in Novemeber 1996, the Glass Hall of the Tokyo International Forum has become for us a must-see architectonic space.

Borneo Sling – Amsterdam


Borneo Sling - Amsterdam

Two cantilevered glass boxes define the terminal of one of the housing block on the Borneo island.