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Kubuswoningen – Rotterdam


Kubuswoningen - Rotterdam

One of the most insane architectural experiment we have ever seen, wasting living space in favor of absurd geometry, and forcing people to live in a completely unnatural way.

Piezometric Towers – Roma


Piezometric Towers - Roma

A cylindrical tower with dizzy helicoidal staircase is visible on both sides of the 20-tracks-wide railway leading to Termini Station.

Leichtenstein Kunstmuseum – Vaduz


Leichtenstein Kunstmuseum - Vaduz

Our stopover in Vaduz going from Bregenz to Milan was limited to a quick glimpse at the Kunstmuseum.

KW Entrance – Berlin


KW Entrance - Berlin

The Kunst-Werke entrance is located in the institute courtyard, that also hosts the glossy cubes of the Café Bravo designed by Dan Graham with Nalbach + Nalbach.