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Palazzo dell’ENI – Roma


Palazzo dell'ENI - Roma

Every time we return home from the seaside during the Summer weekends, we are amazed by the way the sunset light plays with this international style facade and the water below.

Little Disk – Mobile Hard Drive


Little Disk - Mobile Hard Drive

This glossy black box is where our Time Machine is located.

Garabit Viaduct


Garabit Viaduct

When we casually found out that the Garabit viaduct was just a few kilometers away from our route and made a detour to see it from closer, we made jokes about how it was so dramatically high and wide that it could have been featured in The Cassandra Crossing.

Upside-down Plan – Desktop Wallpaper


Upside-down Plan - Desktop Wallpaper

The February desktop wallpaper is a picture taken at the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum in Périgueux, designed by Jean Nouvel.

Stowe – LEGO Painting


Stowe - LEGO Painting

Strolling through Venice during the latest Biennale we came upon the gallery hosting the Slovenian Pavilion where a painting made with LEGO bricks was on display.