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Riba – FontStruct Font


Riba - FontStruct Font

Em’s second submission for the FontStruct “Handmade” competition started with letters defined by a zigzaging marker, and ended up with letters defined by a folded ribbon.

Unité d’Habitation – Firminy


Unité d’Habitation - Firminy

The latest, and probably the least famous, unité d’habitation by Le Corbusier is a few kilometers away from Lyon, in Firminy.

Braille Wall – Desktop Wallpaper


Braille Wall - Desktop Wallpaper

The October desktop wallpaper is a view of the metal facades of the Oslo Opera House by Løvaas & Wagle.

Ziti – FontStruct Font


Ziti - FontStruct Font

Em’s submission for the FontStruct “Handmade” competition is inspired by the Ziti pasta, long hollow rods that you break in shorter pieces before cooking, very popular in some areas of southern Italy.

Alphamuro – Shelving System


Alphamuro - Shelving System

We looked for months for a wall-mounted bookshelf, and when we saw this model on the Alias catalogue where the shelf supports served also as bookends, we thought we found the one.