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Saline Royale – Arc et Senans


Saline Royale - Arc et Senans

We were charmed by the French visionary architecture of the XVIII century since viewing The Belly of an Architect in the early 90s.

Onyx Cultural Center – Saint Herblain


Onyx Cultural Center - Saint Herblain

When we first saw pictures of the Onyx center in architectural magazines in the late 80s, the building looked so weird as it stood amidst what seemed a huge, empty parking lot outside the city.

Life – Fluid, Invisible, Inaudible… – Installation


Life - Fluid, Invisible, Inaudible... - Installation

The combination of darkness, projections, sounds, water and smoke, was enough to made this installation look like a science-fiction movie set.

Omaha Beach – Vierville-sur-Mer


Omaha Beach - Vierville-sur-Mer

When we arrived at dusk, the beach was so deserted and peaceful that it was hard for us to imagine the events that took place here 65 years before.

Purple Screen – Desktop Wallpaper


Purple Screen - Desktop Wallpaper

The March desktop wallpaper is a corner of one of the colored rooms of the Pling Pling installation by Cildo Meireles at the 53. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte.