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Book Burning Memorial – Berlin


Book Burning Memorial - Berlin

Empty white bookshelves placed underground commemorate the book burning of 1933 in Berlin.

Candelabra – FontStruct Font


Candelabra - FontStruct Font

A 3D isometric boxed set that looks like a blackletter font.

Hulda Teckna – Quilt Cover


Hulda Teckna - Quilt Cover

Pixel-based decoration, peculiar hue of green and inexpensive price make this quilt cover stand out in the IKEA’s 2009 bed linen collection.

Amnesiac – CD Package


Amnesiac - CD Package

An unplanned purchase, due specifically to the Pyramid Song track heard for the first time at the store itself, the Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

New Trade Fair – Milan


New Trade Fair - Milan

The new Milan trade fair just opened the gates when we visited the Salone in 2006.