Legorama – FontStruct Font


Legorama Everywhere - Fontstruct Font

Inspired by the most famous construction set in the world, Em used FontStruct bricks to build font sets made of LEGO bricks.

Legorama - FontStruct Font

Two sets are available: Legorama, consisting of stand-alone letters, and Legorama Everywhere, where letters are plugged on a baseplate.

Each has a perfectly matching fill set, Legorama Fill and Legorama Everywhere Fill, to add a solid color to the text letters.

Legorama Everywhere - Character Map

Legorama - Character Map

Other samples are available on the Behance Network.

25-09-09 Update
Legorama Everywhere was featured in the book Type Fontbat.


Free download: Legorama
Free download: Legorama Fill


Free download: Legorama Everywhere
Free download: Legorama Everywhere Fill